Recommended Titles in Islam
How You Can Help
MWC is working hard to provide information and support on Muslim women to the media, interfaith and policy-making communities. In addition to the specific projects listed below, we are cooperating with the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, the Center for Understanding Islam, and other leading institutes in Washington, DC.

Faith Dialogues
The interfaith community plays an active role in influencing not only the opinions of parish members, but also those of key policy makers at the highest levels of government. MWC has successfully established a presence within the faith community of the Eastern seaboard, and has enjoyed many important discussions with faith leaders. To date, MWC has launched a regular women’s gathering dubbed the “Day of Prayers,” and participated in several interfaith dialogues in conjunction with the American Jewish Committee, The Ecumenical Institute of Spirituality, Manhattan Jewish Republicans, and the Washington Hebrew Congregation.

Ilm Project
“Ilm” is the Arabic word for knowledge, and knowledge dissemination is one of MWC’s key goals. As most people rely on their local libraries to provide them with information, we have aimed to provide our libraries with literature that reflects the beauty of true Islam. As we are not always able to donate books to a library, MWC also provides a list of recommendations that we hope will inspire the library’s purchases. For a copy of MWC’s “Recommended Titles in Islam,” please visit our Web site.

Garnering Community Support
The Muslim Women’s Coalition relies on the generosity and support of Americans willing to reach a lending hand to someone in need. Most of our neighbors are just waiting for the right opportunity to give their support. MWC is developing many different avenues for generous people like you to make a difference. To date, we have launched our Web presence at, conducted our first direct mail effort, and held our first annual fundraising dinner. These efforts have been remarkable successes, demonstrating the outstanding kindness present in our communities. Thank you. We depend on your support to continue our efforts.


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