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In an effort to actively engage our community on women's issues, we have included information from the Beijing Declaration in 1995 to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to help you understand today's current issues. This site also includes stories of past and present female role models who shape our society, along with information about our educational series, Women Care for Women's Wellbeing.


The Women, Faith and Development Alliance

MWC's Greater Washington DC Area office is an active partner in the Women, Faith and Development Alliance (WFDA) both in the planning committee for the 2008 World Women's Summit and the advocacy committee. MWC is currently very active in suggesting names of moderate muslim participants for the summit in an effort to provide a platform for the moderate Muslim voice in addressing women's issues. The summit will advocate for new advances on addressing women's issues. Use this site as a reference to educate yourself on issues that effect women around the globe; and how you can reach out and help your sisters.

click to download the WFDA call to partnership


Literature on Women's Issues
Information about current resolutions & conventions that address women's issues

Women Care for Women's Wellbeing
Our educational series of lectures and workshops for women that address issues like women's health.

Women in Our Islamic Heritage
MWC Women in Our Islamic Heritage
Literature on historical female role models that continue to inspire us today.

A Portrait of a Muslim Woman
A Portrait of a Muslim Woman
A snapshot of muslim women activists, leaders, & artists who change our world everyday.



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